Typhoon - Syclone Recommended Fluids & Lubricants


Engine Oil

Mobile 1 Synthetic or SAE10W030

Engine Coolant and Charged Air Cooler

GM6038-M /1052103 or EQV

Hydraulic Brake Systems

GM 1052535 or DOT-3 or higher

Parking Brake cables

GM 1052497 or EQV

Power Steering Systems

GM 1050017 or EQV


Dexron IIE or Dexron III

Differential Rear and Front

SAE-80W-90 GL-5


Dexron IIE or Dexron III

Rear Prop. shaft, U-Joints, Joint Ball

GM 1052497 or EQV

Constant Velocity Univ.Joints

GM 1052497 or EQV

AT Shift Linkage, Hood-Door Hinges

EG Oil

Key Lock Cylinder

EG Oil SAE5W-30 or GM 12345120

Chassis Lub.

GM 1052497 or EQV

Windshield Washer

GM 1051515 or EQV


GM 1052863 or EQV

Handle Pivot Points

GM 12345120 or EQV


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