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Rep. Journal

アメリカ・南カリフォルニアでの生活から見た北米 ・日本での問題、話題なっている事をジャーナル形式で紹介しています。






Nov 2000

 Gore Vs Bush

Nov#2 2000

Shooting Time !!

Dec 2000

"I do not Seek I find"

Dec#2 2000

Genome and Hi Tech

Jan 2001

Super-Hi Electricity in Calif.

Jan#2 2001

Vending Machines US Vs JPN

Feb 2001

Fat Ranking

Apr 2001

Influence toward JP by the New Cabinet

May 2001

Census 2001

Jun 2001

Smoggy Cities

Jul 2001

Minorities in US


K Mart Vs WAL Mart

Jul 2002

Losing American Morality

Aug 2002

Amber Alert

Sep 2002

Intercity Transit System

Oct 2002

Journey to Hell

Nov 2002

Terrorism, Disease, and Destruction

Feb 2003

War is Imminent !!

Apr 2003

America at War

May 2003


Aug 2003

Unemployment, Age Discrimination, and Fear of Collapse

Aug 2003

California Governor Recall

Sep 2003

Northeast Blackout

Dec 2003

Saddam was Captured!!

Jan 2004

America's Most Stressful Cities

Jan#2 2004

The Border between Rich and Poor

Mar 2004

What Are We Going to Eat?

Apr 2004

Americans Are Eating Themselves to Death

Apr#2 2004

It Happens in a Leap year

May 2004

What are We Doing?

Aug 2004

Murder of Pregnant Woman

Dec 2004

Japan as Unbeatable Nation

Jan 2005

an Elite Education and the Echo Boomers

Mar 2005

"Atlantic Storm"

Apr 2005

Profitable Airlines

May 2005

Sex Offender Does Again

Sep 2005

Katrina's Fury

Oct 2005

Postal Privatization

Jan 2006

Suicide Paradise

Mar 2006

Half Siblings

May 2006

Undocumented Workers

July 2006

Al Gore and His Challenge

Aug 2006

Second Life is Good

Sep 2006

LA-LV High Speed Train

Nov 2006

Democrats Take Over

Dec 2006

E Coli Food Scare

Apr 2007

The Starfish and the Spider

May 2007

Inflation Spiral

May 2007

Campus Massacre

Aug 2007

Tainted Chinese Products

Sep 2007

Bubble Burst Again???

Dec 2007

2008 and Beyond

★Rep. Journalは隔月発行です ★All Journals are Japanese すべてのジャーナル・リポートは日本語によるものです.

最新号は Dec 2007 Issue  "2008 and Beyond"


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Useful Research Link and Data






Movie Critique


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Burger Connection

アメリカのでの食生活において切っては切り離せないハンバーガー。またアメリカの食の発明では、恐らくハンバーガーとフレンチフライを誰もがあげるぐらいアメリカ人の誰もが愛するハンバーガ。 これらアメリカの”味”を紹介します。


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Frozen Meals


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