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ALL Measurements Are Inches (millimeters) Unless Othe Noted


General Information

                                         Body Style:        Four-door Multi-Purpose Hatchback

  Assembly Plant:        Toluca,Mexico

Introduction Date:           Spring 2000

                                         EPA Vehicle Class:      Two-Wheel Drive Special Purpose Vehicle 

Engine  2.4L Gasoline

Type&Description Four Cylinder,inLine,Liquid-cooled    
Displacement 148.2 cuin.(2429cc)
Bore ラ Stroke 3.44 ラ 3.98(87.5ラ101.0)
ValveSystem Belt-drivenDOHC,16valves,stamped sroller followers,hydraulic lash adj 
Fuel Injection Sequential multiport,electronic
Construction Cast Iron brock,cast iron bedplate aluminum alloy head balance Shafts
Compression Ratio 9.4:1
Power (SAE net) 150bhp(112kw)@5500rpm-62.5bhp
Torque (SAE net) 162 Ib-ft (220Nom)@440rpm
Max,Engine Speed 6240 electronically Limited
Fuel requirement Unleaded ergular,87 octane R+M/2
Oil Capacity 4.5Qt (4.3L)plus filter
Coolant Capacity 7.4qt (7.0L)
Emission Controls 3-Way Catalyst heated oxygen sensor engine modifications EGR
Max.Gross Trailer Weight 1000 lbs (450kg)(20sq.ft maximum allowable frontal area)
EPA Fuel Economy(MPG City/Hwy) 20/26manual ;20/25 automatic
Alternator 120A
Battery 540 A,Group 26R maintenance-free

2.0L Gasoline

Type & Description Four cylinder,in-Line Liquid-cooled  
Displacement 121.8 cu in(1995cc)  
Bore ラ Stroke 3.44ラ3.27in.(87.5ラ83.0mm)
Valve System Belt-drivenDOHC.16valves stamped sroller followers.hydraulic lash adj
Fuel Injection Sequential multiport electronic retu
Construction Cast iron block cast iron bedplate aluminum alloy head structural aluminum oilpan
Compression Ratio 9.6:1  
Power (SAE net) 140bhp(104kw)@5700rem-70bhp/l  
Torque (SAE net) 139 lb-ft (188N-m)@4150rpm  
Max.Engine Speed 6752 rpm manual trans 6720 automatic Trans.electronically Limited  
Fuel Requirement Unleaded.90 octane R+M/2  
Oil capacity 4qt (3.8L) plus filter
Coolant Capacity 7.4qt (7.0L)
Emission Controls 3-Way catalyst.twin heated oxygen sen
Max.Gross Trailer Weight 1000kg  (2.98sq.m maximum alloweble frontal area) 
Fuel Economy.European

(1/100km urban/extra-urban)

11.5/7.0 manual.13.1/7.9 automatic
Alternator 120A  
Battery 450 A.Group 26R,maintenance-free  


Dranssaxles 5-speed,overdrive;synchronized inal forward ration;cable-operated3-plane shifter  
Gear Ratios 1st         3.50

2nd         1.96

3rd          1.36

4th         0.971

5th         0.811

Reverse(a)    3.42

Final Drive 3.94  
Overall Top-gear 3.20 (a)lncludes reverse brake
Description Electronic control,electronically modulates cinveryer clutch  
Gear Rations 1st         2.84

2nd         1.57

3rd          1.00

4th         0.69

Reverse       2.21

Effective Final Drive 3.91 w/2.4-liter engine 4.07w/2.0-liter engine  
Overall Top Gear 2.694 w/2.4-liter engine2.808 w/2.0-liter engine  

Dimensions and Capacities

Wheelbase 103.0 (2616)  
Track,Front 58.3 (1481)  
Track,Rear 58.2 (1478)  
Overall Length 168.8 (4288)  
Overall Winth@ Frt.Seat 67.1 (1705)  
Overall Height (a) 63.0 (1601)  
Ground Clearance (a) 6.5 (166)  
Est.Curb Weight, lbs (kg) 3123(1418)-2.4liter engine  W/ manual
  3187(1446)-2.4liter engine  W/ auto
  3049(1383)  2.0liter engine  W/  manual
  3133(1421)  2.0lietr engine  W/  auto
Weight Distribution.% F/R 59/41-2.4liter engine W/manual Transmission at curb weight
Drag Coefficient 0.379  
Fuel Tank Capacity 15.0 gal (57L)  
Payload (b) 865 lbs (392 kg)  

(a) At curb weight        (b) Includes all driver,passengers and cargo


Seating Capacity, F/R 2/3  
Front  Head Room 40.4 (1026)  
      Leg Room 40.6 (1032  
      Shoulder Room 54.6 (1386)  
      Hip Room 54.0 (1372)  
      SAE Volume 51.8 cu.ft.(1.47 cu.m.)  
      Seat Travel 9.0 (228)horizontal-All  
Recliner Range 54-  
Rear   Head Room 39.6 (1006)  
      Leg Room 40.8 (1038)  
      Knee Clearance 2.6 (65.8)  
      Shoulder Room 53.9 (1368.4)  
      Hip Room 46.8 (1188)  
      SAE Volume 49.4 cu.ft. (1.40 cu.m.)  
SAE Caego Volume Aft of Seat 19.0 cu.ft (0.583 cu.m.)  
      Rear Seats Out 64.2 cu.ft.(1.82 cu.m.)  
      Load Capacity 115 lbs (52kg)  
      EPA Interior Volime Index 120.2 cu ft. (3.41 cu.m.)  


Layout Transverse front engine, front-wheel Dr  
Construction Steel Unibody  


Front Macpherson struts,asymmetrical lower control arms, coil springs &link stabilizer  
Rear Trailing arms,twist beam axle w/intet. tubular stabilizer bar
  Linkag coil springs,gas-charged shocks & linked stabilizer  


Type Power rack & pinion  
Overall Ratio 18:1  
Steering Turns (lock-to-lock) 3.0  
Turning Diameter (curb-to-curb) 36.5 ft (11.1m) w/base tires &manual trans  
  39.7 ft (12.1m) w/16-inch tires & auto trans.  


Standard Type & Material Steel disc  
Size 15ラ6.0  
Optional Type & Material Cast aliminum  
Size 16ラ6.0  


Size & Type P195/65R15 all season Touring A   
Mfr.& Model Goodyear Eagle LS  
Revs/Mile (km) 835(519)  
Size & Type 195/65HR15 all-season Pperformance  B  
Mfr.& Model Goodyear NCT5  
Revs/Mile (km) 832(517)  
Size & Type 205/55HR16 all-season Performance C  
Mfr. & Model Goodyear NCT5  
Revs/Mile (km) 837(520)  
Size & Type P205/55R16 all season D  
Mfr. & Model Goodyear Eagle LS  
Revs/Mile (km) 836(519)  
Size & Type 185/65HR15 all-season Performance E  
Mfr. & Model Goodyear Eagle Vector  
Revs/Mile (km) 854(531)  

A  Std.exceot Europe & RHD   B Std.Europe & RHD    C Opt.Europe & RHD

D  Opt.except Europe & RHD   E Opt.Europe & RHD


Standard Front Size & Type 10.94ラ0.9(278ラ23) vented disc w/single-piston sliding caliper
       Swept Area 198.5 (1281
       Rear Size & Type 8.66ラ1.57 (220ラ40) drum
       Swept Area 86.sq. in.(556
       Power Assist Type Tandem diaphragm. vacuum
Optionl  Front Size & Type Same as standard w/ABS
       Rear Size & Type 10.62ラ0.35(269ラ9) solid disc w/single-piston sliding caliper & AB
       Swet Area 173.4 (1119
       Power Assist Type Same as standard


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