牽引ヒッチ/#82204452  $164 (税抜き)

  牽引ヒッチ用ワイヤリング/#82206024  $97





American Woman Road & Travel, Car of the Year: Most Likely to Succeed-2001 PTC

American Woman Road & Travel, Best in Class-Classic: Most Likely to be Remembered-2001 PTC

Austria Automobile Press 2000, Bronze Award-2001 PTC

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, Best New Family Sedan Under $25,000-2001 PTC

Auto Week, America's Best-2001 PTC

Business Week, Products to Watch-2001 PTC

Car and Driver, 10 Best-2001 PTC

Consumers Digest, Best Buy-2001 PTC

Edmund's. com, Most Significant Vehicle 2001-2001 PTC

Detroit Free Press, Car of the Year-2001 PTC

Fortune, Top Ten Pick of the Auto Show-2001 PTC

Guide De L'Auto, Best Subcompact Car- 2001 PTC

Invoice Dealer, Top 10 favorite cars of online shoppers in Oct. 2000-2001 PTC

Japan car of the Year, 4th place-2001 PTC

Los Angeles Times, Car of the year-2001 PTC

Motor Trend, Car of the year-2001 PTC

Motoring 2001, Best New Family Car-2001 PTC

Popular Mechanics, Design & Engineering Award-2001 PTC

Popular Science, Best of What's New-2001 PTC

Society of Plastic Engineers-PTC rear package shelf earns Lear Corporation "Most Innovative Use of Plastic"

The Sun, Car of the Year-2001 PTC

Wired Magazine, Most Wired product Design-2001 PTC



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