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2001−2002年モデルのPTが対象で、これは数十万台(464,315台)に上るものです。 不具合箇所は、燃料ポンプガスケット不良による燃料の漏れの可能性。また2001−2002年モデルのおおよそ4分の1にあたる車両では、フード内の燃料系ラインに不具合があり、AC−エアコンラインポートと干渉する、もしくは干渉しているようです。 2001−2002年モデルといえば、PTが販売されてからすべてのPTが対象になるわけです。






DaimlerChrysler AG recalls 460,000 PT Cruisers because of a fuel pump leak

DaimlerChrysler on Friday recalled 460,000 of it's popular, retro-styled PT Cruiser because of a fuel pump leak. The PT cruiser has been one of the most successful vehicles in the Chrysler Group's line-up since it was introduced two years ago. Officials discovered the leak following a government crash test in May. The leak could ignite a fire if sparked. Although there are no known incidents or customer complaints related to the problem, DC will install a secondary seal to the top of the fuel pump. A quarter of the 464,315 vehicles being recalled, all from 2001 and 2002 model year which also need a repair of a separate problem with fuel supply line which may rub against the AC service port. This could also result in a fuel leak.

Owner will be notified by a mail.


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